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Top Casting at the
GABA Forum on
Form and Function

Laurenz Schaffer, President of BWM Group DesignWorks USA, and Franz J. Bosshard, CEO Emeritus of BSH Home Appliances, will be among the panelists of the GABA forum on the Bauhaus principle of form following function in product design. This exciting event will follow the afternoon lectures. More>


Good for the Economy
Good for People
Good for the Planet


This year’s German Day at Concordia University Irvine (CUI), on October 5, will be a celebration of entrepreneurship. This event is a joint venture between the League of Faithful Masks (LFM), Concordia University Irvine and the German American Business Association of Southern California (GABA). They have chosen Hans Holbein‘s portrait of Georg Gisze as their German Day icon because Holbein the Younger (1497-1543) was a visual communicator of the Lutheran Reformation. He saw in Gisze, the model of the honorable businessman. Prominent businessmen and scholars will explain the historical roots of Germany’s economic success. Music is another gift in which Germans excel. The celebration will culminate in a concert by one of the most renowned youth orchestras in the world, the Landesjugendorchester Rheinland-Pfalz. More>
German Day 2011
Boss and Businessman:
An Honorable Vocation
Designs by Anna Maria Furlong
A celebration of entrepreneurship with a prominent cast

Masters of Manufacturing, Management and Making Music
The Intrepid Robert Bosch,
A Global Entrepeneur
By Uwe Siemon-Netto
The Warmest Sound In The City of Angels
By Uwe Siemon-Netto

One beautiful success story of a German businesswoman in the U.S. is the tale of former religion teacher Helga Kasimoff, née Otto, from Hanover.
She made sure that foibles of the Cold War did not prevent one particularly warm sound from behind the Iron Curtain from reaching Californian ears. Out of love for music, Mrs. Kasimoff  became the importer of the fabled Blüthner grand pianos even though this meant absorbing exorbitant U.S. customs duties on products from Eastern Europe. This year, she donated an instrument valued at $57,000 to Concordia University Irvine on the occasion of German Day.
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Photo Uwe Siemon-Netto
Devoted to a unique sound: Serge, Helga and Kyril Kasimoff
Stephan Hollmann
CEO, Pacific
Aviation & Lease Management

Wolfgang Drautz
of Germany
Los Angeles

Michael Traub
President and CEO BSH Home Appliances Corp.

Johannes Kim
VP Human
Carl Zeiss Vision
Prof. Nikolaus Hafermaas
Art Center
College of Design

Hannes Krämer
Conductor of
Youth Orchestra
James A. Lowe
and Parish
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Adolf and Virginia Schoepe at their 50th wedding anniversary
Robert Bosch (1861-1942)
Ten years ago, an outstanding German-born entrepreneur died in Fullerton at the age of 97. Adolf Schoepe arrived in Ellis Island in 1927 without any formal education and just $25 in his pockets. He spoke no English. But his talents as an innovator and his skills as a metal worker landed him important jobs in the aircraft industry in World War II. As foreman in the San Diego Naval Air Station he taught women how to weld. After the war, he manufactured Kwikset door locks, which became the most common brand of this kind in America; Kwikset became part of Black & Decker. Schoepe then founded Fluidmaster Inc., which manufactured an aftermarket toilet repair kit that became the most widely sold toilet valve in the country. He ran this company until the age of 96. At the time of Schoepe's death, his company had a 80 percent market share in this kind of kits. Schoepe, who owned a 300-acre citrus ranch and collected exotic cars, was a generous benefactor of the Boy Scouts of America and other charities. More >
Adolf Schoepe (1904-2001)
This Year's German Day Presenters
Born 150 Years Ago:
One hundred and fifty years ago, on Sept. 23, 1861, the visionary industrialist Robert Bosch was born in a village near Ulm in Germany. He became a global entrepreneur whose name became ubiquitous in the auto industry. And 125 years ago, he founded Robert Bosch GmbH, the largest privately owned corporation in the world today. This calls for celebration.
On Oct. 5, during the German Day at Concordia conference, Michael Traub, CEO of BSH Home Appliances in North America, a Bosch subsidiary, will extol this Swabian innkeeper’s son, who became a financier of the German resistance against Hitler and protected Jews against Nazi persecution. This intrepid businessman and inventor, who in his youth worked with Thomas Edison, was the first employer to introduce the 8-hour workday in Europe. He fervently promoted peace between Germany and France. Twice in the last century, the Robert Bosch GmbH lost its production facilities in the USA because of world wars, but today it is the world’s largest supplier of automotive components with 300,000 employees around the globe and annual revenues of €47,3 billion ($68 billion). Nearly all the profits distributed to shareholders go to humanitarian causes. more>
Franz J. Bosshard
Laurenz Schaffer
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